Spring 2006
84" l x 64" w x 82.25" h
Plywood, casters, steel rod, hardware

The Cloud Bed is inspired by Ming Dynasty-era Chinese alcove beds, and the idea of the bed as a "room within a room." Here the form is updated, and the mobility provided by the casters lends itself to flexible, open-plan contemporary living spaces.

The overall form is pierced with a pattern derived from digital photographs of clouds taken on a trip to Patagonia. The cloud motif refers both to the Western association of clouds with sleep and dreams, and the Chinese symbology of clouds as a harbinger of rain and fertility. The original Chinese beds were draped with embroidered silks; here the motifs one might have found in these textiles are part of the bed itself, reinterpreted rather than imitated, much as in Chinoiserie of the past few centuries. The stack-lamination allows the pattern to be incorporated into the process of building and fully integrated with the form. The pattern becomes part of the function, too, creating a transparency that connects the interior of the bed with the exterior room.

Collection of Sara Morishige & Evan Williams

Photos 1, 3, 4: Derek Powazek


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