Spring 2005
34" h x 45" w x 14" d
Birch plywood, silk screen

The Map Cabinet has its origin in my ongoing interest in the aesthetic forms of honeycombs and corrugations, and how those forms are being used in new textiles, constructions and technologies. The cabinet appears as a sliced section of a larger corrugated structure, and functions as one too - the structural integrity of the piece relies not on glue, but rather on the compression of bent plywood pieces slotted into a frame.

With the overall form bound by the tenets of modernist furniture - structure as decoration, an honesty about the use of materials and the relationships between organic and geometric motifs - the piece goes on to explore the rationalist iconography appropriate to the formal themes with the silk-screened forestry maps that appear on the waves. The silkscreen, placed only by the process of cutting (akin to industrial cardboard techniques) functions as couture detailing, much in the way that the contrast fabric on the inside of a shirt placket reflects the quality of its construction, neither wholly necessary nor at all superfluous.



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